Our customized production meets customers´ requirements accurately.

Shop equipment

Within the products for shop equipment we provide anything in the combination of wires, round and square tubes along with metal sheet or wood. These products might be various stands, wire wall grids, racks, baskets, hooks, hangers and other accessories.

Logistic and storing components

Various roll-containers, wire baskets and other products rank among our logistic and storing components. They are used for safe handling with materials, semi-finished, miscellaneous products in industry, shops and laundrettes.

Components for automotive

In automotive, our products are used particularly as components e.g. seat and sun visors. You can find them in vehicles by Volkswagen, Mercedes or Renault.

Electrical adjustable in height working desks

Electrical adjustable in height working desks are useful especially in production areas, during assemblies, welding, packaging and so on. They provide comfort and higher productivity during working.

Fixed-height desks

Fixed-height desks are a more affordable type in comparison with adjustable in height desks. They can be placed in schools, production areas or offices.

Pipe laser cutting

Thanks to our technology we are able to supply you with round and square tubes of almost any section shapes. Tube burning and cutting is done within just one step with maximum accuracy and quality that cannot be reached by manual working. Products made by us usually serve as semi-finished products determined to complete other final products.