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Sun visor wire frames

Our product – a sunvisor frame – is a wire frame that is the basic component for the production of sunvisors.
The frame undergoes further processing – by pressing it into plastic, foam filling etc. These processes are carried out by several companies that complete the final design of the sunvisor. Our product starts the very beginning of these manufacturing processes therefore it must meet all the required criteria with the highest precision.

Sunshade frames are made from a steel wire according to ČSN EN 10016 - 1,2 – copper plated or uncoated in diameters from 2 to 12 mm. Thanks to the high flexibility of the machinery used we are able to produce sunvisor frames of any shape according to customer’s needs.

Sunshade frames are made for both passenger cars and utility vehicles.

Our company produces sunvisor frames for suppliers of car components for the following brands:

  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes
  • Bentley

Sunshade frame 1 Sunshade frame 2

Sunshade frame 3 Sunshade frame 4

Seat wire reinforcements

Wire reinforcement strengthens the seat and is an essential component of a car seat. Along with the seat frame it contributes to the passive safety of passengers.

We use modern machinery that enables us to manufacture complex wire forms using 2D or 3D bending methods with a high precision. The frames are made from steal wire according to ČSN EN 10016 – 1, 2 - uncoated or copper coated in diameters from 2 to 12 mm.

Seat reinforcement 1

Seat reinforcement 2 Seat reinforcement 3

Headrest frames

Wire headrest frames are encased in PUR-foam and enable the headrest to be attached to the seat itself. Headrest frames represent a very important safety element in passenger cars and therefore we pay special attention to the highest quality of these components.

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