Quality assurance


Our company meets all requirements of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008 norm. We put a great emphasis on constantly improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. We are aware that the quality of the final product reflects the quality of the individual processes within the whole chain of activities carried out by our company.

Continuous quality control is essential for ensuring the quality of the final product. Each of our products undergoes predetermined quality checks, from the purchase of material through all individual production processes up to dispatch.

In order to assure a high quality of our products, we also lay stress on good relations with the suppliers because we know that it is impossible to achieve a high quality without being able to rely on high standards of our business partners. Our aim is a long-term cooperation that both sides can profit from.

Certificate ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008[PDF]

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One of the tools for measuring the effectiveness of company management is the EFQM Excellence Model.
The EFQM model provides a complete analysis of an organisation, of all its processes and activities, and it covers all aspects of company life. It defines nine areas – criteria - of key importance. Five of them focus on what the company should do – these are called enablers – and the remaining four deal with measurable achievements – they are called results criteria. The initial assessment carried out by the company itself might seem subjective; however, this subjectivity disappears in the process of applying the EFQM model as each of the nine criteria has a varying degrees of relevance.

We discuss the application of the EFQM model with consultants from the agency CzechInvest. The self-assessment that we carried out helped us to identify areas which can be improved and it also showed us how we can better exploit our strengths. All findings are, however, subject to multiple reviews. When using annual self-assessment, the EFQM model enables to determine what an organization has achieved in a year and how it compares with their competition.

Our goal is a continual improvement; to achieve this we need to assess the impact of our activities on all interested parties (customers, employees, owners, communities) and act accordingly.


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