Our products

Product types

Our company specialises in the manufacturing of wire products. We make products from wire, sheet metal, tubes and other metal profiles.

Our product range includes baskets, grills, displays for prints (stands of different sizes, wall pockets for leaflets, postcards etc.), holders, hooks, stock racks etc.

You can either order finished wire products or wire components for other products. The type, shape and measurements are made to fit our customers specifications.

Our motto is an active approach to the customer’s needs; our goal is a satisfied customer who will come back.

If you have an idea of your own, whether it is just a sketch or a sample, get in touch with us - we will put your ideas into practice.

Who are our customers

  • companies who prefer to purchase wire components to producing them themselves
  • companies who want to improve their product display system
  • wholesalers selling wire products


When selecting the supplier of the input material for our production, we proceed with extreme care because we realize that the quality of the material at the input has a great impact on further processing, as well as the quality of the final product. We require that our suppliers comply with the quality management system ČSN EN ISO 9001:2008.

We use mainly steel wire according to ČSN EN 10016 - 1, 2 in diameters from 1.8 to 12 mm.
We are also able to process stainless, copper, and aluminium wires, as well as spring steel wires of smaller diameters.

Surface finishing

According to the wish of the customer, we supply products with or without finish. Surface finish is provided by our business partners. The most frequently applied finishes for wire products include powder coating, zinc, and chrome coating.

Powder coating can be done in a variety of colours defined by the colour card RAL. In order to maintain the metal look of the product, it is also possible to treat it by chromating – zinc coating with the addition of blue, yellow or black topcoat (chromate) with various designs, degree of corrosion resistance etc.

If you are not sure which type of surface finish is suitable for your product, we will be happy to assist you.

GRIOS Wire Products