Image - Company GRIOS s. r. o.

Company GRIOS s. r. o.

Company is a Czech company established in 1996. We specialise in the production of customized wire products, which have had a long tradition on these premises. At present, our core business is a large-scale custom made production, as well as sub-deliveries of wire components to our business partners. Our products are used in areas such as the car industry, stores, households, gardens and pet keeping. More

Image - Car industry

Car industry

Since 2003, our contracts with the car industry have been gaining more importance in the company business, demonstrating our ability to meet the requirements of demanding customers. At the moment, our main focus is production for the car industry, especially the production of sunshade frames and seat and headrest reinforcements for Volkswagen, Mercedes and Bentley cars. More

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Wire products

Our product range includes baskets, grills, displays for prints (stands of different sizes, wall pockets for leaflets, postcards etc.), holders, hooks, stock racks etc. You can either order finished wire products or wire components for other products. The type, shape and measurements are made to fit our customers specifications. More

Image - Lease of production premises

Lease of production premises

The production and business premises of GRIOS are currently being used for commercial, storage and production purposes. There are several buildings of different number of storeys that were built while using traditional technologies. Leased non-residential premises have either a loading ramp or an access for trucks into the building. Some are heated or tempered, others are unheated. They all have a subscriber line. More

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